How to enroll elementary school (public) 小学校の入学方法

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How to enroll elementary school (public) 小学校の入学方法

In Japan, 6 to 15 years old is compulsory education. At the age of 6 you can enter elementary school from April and receive 6 years of compulsory education. After graduating from elementary school, you will enter junior high school, but you will receive three years of compulsory education.
Japanese public elementary schools begin in April and end in March.
Foreign nationals can also enter Japanese public elementary schools by applying.
Reception is open anytime, so if you come to Japan, please contact the board of education such as your local ward office. If you go to the ward office near you, it will tell you.

Depending on the location, we will apply with the residence card of the child and their parents, special permanent resident certificate or alien registration certificate.
In addition, which elementary school to go to depends on the area. Usually, I often go to an elementary school in a nearby area.

Depending on the area in which you live, the documents sent may be delayed in time.
Please be sure to go to the ward office near your residence and check.

In Tokyo, the following sites may be useful.

Annual schedule until admission

-August: Application started to send to school outside the area
-September: School information session
-October: Child medical examination
-November: Out-of-area application results
-January: Notification of attendance at school (material for permission to enter school)
-January: Reception for childcare
-Jan-Feb: Admission briefing

-April: Entrance ceremony

August: Application started to send to school outside the area
In Japan, the area of school is designated by the area where you live. These are usually designated by the Board of Education.
However, if you want to go to a school in another area, you can apply and if you are allowed, you can go to another area. Check where your area is and if this location is okay then this application is not necessary.
This material is often sent around August.
The application deadline is around October, so be careful about the deadline if you need an application.

September: School information session

There are also places where school information sessions are held. You will be able to visit the school before admission and explain about admission.
Please bring your writing tools and slippers with you when visiting. Most schools do not allow shoes to enter. When you come to school, you may be asked to receive materials at the reception. This briefing session may be held at different times depending on the area, so it's a good idea to check in advance.
Most public elementary schools have lunch for lunch. If you have any questions about allergies, it is a good idea to think in advance.

October: Child medical examination

At the end of September or October, you will receive the medical examination documents at school. This is this health checkup that will be in elementary school next year.
Take a medical examination on the designated day and place. If it is not possible on that day due to circumstances, please consult the designated school.