Jidou teate (児童手当)

Writte on: 06/09/2020 Last Updated on: 06/09/2020

Category: Baby (0~3yrs)

Jidou teate (児童手当)

Child allowance provided by the local government to families with children. “I have a baby, how can I get a child allowance?” I think some of you have such a question.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the child allowance and procedures, so please refer to it when applying.

1. What is a child allowance?
2. Required procedures
3. Sample case


1. What is a child allowance?

Child allowance is a allowance paid to a person who raises a child residing in Japan. The payment period is from 0 years old until the child graduates from junior high school (until the first March 31st after the 15th birthday).

As a general rule, it is paid when the child lives in Japan, but even if you live abroad for study abroad, it will be paid if the requirements are met. If someone other than the parent, such as a grandparent, is raising the child, the child will be paid.

Even foreigners will be provided if they live in Japan for more than 3 months. There are some conditions for receiving child allowance, so I will introduce it.


How much can I get?

The amount of child allowance paid (monthly) is shown in the table below.

Reference from Cabinet Office: https://www8.cao.go.jp/shoushi/jidouteate/annai.html


Who are elegible?

Those who have raised children until their junior high school graduation (until the first March 31st after their 15th birthday)
(If you live abroad to study abroad and meet certain requirements, you will be eligible for payment.)


When can I get?

The child allowance will be paid to the designated course three times a year from the month after birth to June (February-May), October (June-September), and February (October-January). I will.
*The date of payment depends on the municipality.


Child allowance has income restrictions

Child allowance will not be paid if there is a certain amount of income.
The salary I got from the company or the salary I got from a part-time job or part-time job is “income”
"Income" is the remaining amount after subtracting "necessary expenses" from "income". Resident tax is calculated by "income".
Generally, those who work for a company do not calculate the "necessary expenses" individually, but apply a certain "formula" to calculate the income from the income.
At this time, what corresponds to the "necessary expense" that is subtracted from the salary income is called "salary income deduction".
Please note that the “approximate amount of income” is calculated based on salary income only.
*If the child-rearing person's income is equal to or higher than the above amount, a special benefit (a flat rate of 5,000 yen per child per month) will be provided based on the supplementary provisions of the law.



Required procedure

Child allowances are not automatically paid when a child is born. It is paid by applying at the government office and being certified.

Children's allowance recipients are required to submit a status report to their municipalities in June every year. If you are uncertain about the procedure, please contact the Children's Allowance Division in your city and perform the prescribed procedure. Please note that if you do not submit the status report, you will not be able to receive child allowance after June.


Documents required for application of child allowance

In order to receive children's allowances after June, you need to submit the status report!
When the child allowance begins, you will receive a postcard from the government office once a year (around June), "Notification of current status". The current status report is for confirming the situation on June 1 every year and confirming whether or not the requirements for receiving child allowances after June are met (such as supervision and protection of children and living-same relationship). is.
Let's reply as soon as you receive the current status.
If you do not return the status report by the end of June, the child allowance will stop.
*Please note that if you do not submit it, you will not be able to receive the allowance after June.

[Attached documents required for notification of current status]
・When the claimant is an employee (such as a company employee)
→ Copy of health insurance card, etc.

・Person who did not have resident registration in the current municipality on January 1 of that year
→ Income certificate for child allowance issued by the mayor of the previous address (for the previous year)
*In addition to these, there are other documents to be submitted as needed.